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Gizmo 2

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The new Gizmo 2 platform is the second-generation x86-based DIY single-board-computer (SBC) from Gizmosphere. Expanding on the community’s first platform, Gizmo 2 merges a 60 percent performance increase coupled with power-consumption decrease with direct access to a wide range of interfaces − GPIO, ADC/DAC, PWM, I2C, SPI, USB, SATA and PCIe – plus an updated selection of peripheral interfaces, including the much-requested HDMI dedicated port, an mSATA port for connecting SSDs, and a microSD card slot.

Built upon the CPU and GPU technology behind today’s leading video game consoles, data centers and PCs, and coupled with a complete open-source development ecosystem, the limitations of Gizmo 2 are only bound by your imagination.

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Gizmo 2 Experiments

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