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Featured Documents and Downloads

Sage Electronic Engineering

SageBIOS™ BSP for Gizmo NEW!

Open source firmware comes to the Gizmo!

Sage is offering its flagship product, SageBIOS™ – a commercial distribution of the open-source coreboot project, to the GizmoSphere community. The BSP (Board Support Package) free download (registration required) includes all of the source code required to build your own BIOS binary image (with the exception of the video BIOS which is only available in binary due to licensing restrictions). The download also includes instructions for integrating the code with your EDK and performing the build.

Not ready to build your own BIOS from source? Two pre-compiled binary files are also available and ready to write to your Gizmo flash. This updated firmware fixes the known issues that users have been experiencing with SATA3.


BSP and SDK for Gizmo Explorer KitNEW!

Now available and ready for download! Timesys provides a board support package (BSP) and matching software development kit (SDK) that lets you quickly and easily prototype and benchmark common apps on your Gizmo Explorer Kit so you can jumpstart your embedded Linux application development.

This site contains a registration link for Timesys LinuxLink free edition, plus information about supported kernels and drivers which are included in the free BSP and SDK. There is also a ton of useful information and videos to help you get started with programming your applications.

Gizmo Design Documents

Gizmo Board Design Documents NEW!

Included in this zip file is all that you need to build your own Gizmo board. Here you will find the up-to-date schematics (Rev I), a full bill of materials, and the Gerber files for manufacturing the board. Gizmosphere is fully supportive of the open source community and we believe that providing this information will encourage more and better designs in the future. Anyone is free to download this information and use it in anyway they please, with the understanding that the material is supplied “AS IS” with no warranty. The files contained in this package are the latest available (Board Rev. 5) and contain minor changes relative to the currently shipping Gizmo board.

Gizmo Explorer Kit User Guide REVISED!

This latest revision (Rev 2.6) makes some needed updates for clarification and adds more information about the Explorer Board. The guide includes diagrams and pinouts for all connectors, detailed descriptions of Gizmo board components, some circuit schematics, step-by-step instructions for starting the EDK, and more.

Android Jelly Bean

Android ISO Image from ViosoftNEW!

Viosoft has provided us with an Android image which we can share with our readers. This is a Jelly Bean v2 flavor which Viosoft has prepared specifically for x86 and Gizmo. You can download the full iso image here

Explorer Schematic

Explorer Board (v1.0) Schematics

This is the schematic design for the Explorer Board, showing the wiring connections of all board components as well as the low-speed connector. For data sheets on each of these components, visit the Explorer page.

Sage EDK and SmartProbeĀ® Quick Start Guide

This brief document guides you through the steps to get started with your EDK and SmartProbe. Installation, licensing information, and connections are included.

OpenCL Programming for Gizmo: High-performance Parallel Processing Made Faster and Easier Than Ever

The Gizmo development and evaluation board for embedded experimentation and design puts unprecedented computing horsepower and design versatility at your fingertips, backed by the rich design expertise and innovation know-how shared amongst the GizmoSphere global development community. For Gizmo users seeking to unlock the full performance and value of the underlying AMD Embedded G-Series accelerated processing unit (APU) architecture, the open standard OpenCL and open source OpenCV programming frameworks provide an ideal foundation for achieving your most ambitious parallel processing performance-driven system designs faster, easier and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Gizmo Explorer Kit (v1.1) Quick Start Guide

Version 1.1 of the Quick Start Guide is associated with the second revision of the Gizmo Explorer Kit, which has a few changes including information stored on a USB flash drive (not a DVD).

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  • Memory tester for Gizmo – Here is a useful tool which might help in diagnosing issues with your Gizmo board. The link will download a Windows installer. You will need a blank flash drive onto which the software can be installed. After completing the install, replace the mt86plus file on the flash drive with this one. The flash drive can then be used as the boot device in the Gizmo board – you will need to attach a keyboard and monitor. Follow the instructions in the memory tester GUI for running the tests and measuring the CPU temperature.

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