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About GizmoSphere

  • What is GizmoSphere? An x86 open source initiative. A community of developers. An embedded design environment. GizmoSphere is all that, accessed through one convenient portal. Launched in 2012 by semiconductor giant Advanced Micro Devices and open source firmware solutions provider Sage Electronic Engineering to support embedded developers everywhere, GizmoSphere provides resources that spark design innovation.
  • Is It Free to Join? Absolutely. is free for visitors and members. Members enjoy extras including entering contests and participating in online discussions.
  • What Can I Do With a Gizmo Explorer Kit? The Gizmo Explorer Kit is a complete development package that lets you experiment, prototype, create, test and customize integrated solutions. Develop what you want using the kit’s processing power, direct access to low-level I/O for real-time interaction, full system visibility and the means to control your software running bare-metal. Use the kit to create open source embedded solutions in robotics, industrial controls, networking, gaming, digital signage, thin client, telecom, computer vision, plus any home-based projects you dream up.
  • How Can My Organization Become a GizmoSphere Partner? We’d love to discuss partnership possibilities with you. Contact us.


  • When I Launch a Sage EDK Debug Session, I Get an Error Message. But When I Check That Location, I Can See the File. What’s Going On? Error Message Seen At Session Launch: Can’t find a source file at “/cygdrive/c/{path to file}” Locate the file or edit the source lookup path to include its location. Solution: The problem is not that the file doesn’t exist. The problem is that the EDK is looking in the wrong path. Notice that it’s looking in: /cygdrive/c for the file, which requires access to the cygwin DLL that was installed with the EDK. In Windows, though, file operations must be in Windows syntax. The EDK isn’t able to open the cygwin shell to find a file. To fix this, you will need to map the cygwin syntax to Windows syntax:
    Go to: Windows > Preferences > C/C++ > Debug > Source Lookup Path
    Hit the “Add…” button
    Select “Path Mapping”
    Give it a name (you can use “Cygwin to Windows”)
    For value, enter /cygdrive/c, map to C:\
    After these steps are completed, all projects will be able to translate cygwin syntax to Windows syntax.
  • In the SmartProbe® List, My SmartProbe® Reads “SmartLoader.” I Have Power Cycled the SmartProbe®, but It Remains in SmartLoader. How Do I Change This? Your SmartProbe®’s evaluation time has expired. You may purchase a one-year noncommercial support license for your SmartProbe® and EDK.
  • In Windows, My Sage EDK Installer Gets To “Installing samples_workspace” and Then Hangs. Why? Despite how it appears, the installer is not stuck. The samples_workspace contains all the code you need to develop and deploy your own version of SageBIOS™. It’s a very large code base that takes several minutes to install.

Technical Information

  • Where Can I Find Specs for the Kit? Specs, guides, schematics and downloads are available through the Gizmo Explorer Kit {/explorer-kit} product page.
  • Where Are the Downloads for the Development Kit? You’ll find downloads on ourResources page. In addition, some download instructions are shipped with your Gizmo Explorer Kit.
  • What Processor Is on the Gizmo Board? Gizmo is powered by the AMD Embedded G-Series APU, recognized for its low-power CPU and advanced GPU.
  • Where Are the Schematics for the Gizmo and Explorer Boards? You can find these posted on the Gizmo Board and Explorer Board pages.
  • Who Makes the Development Tools Included in the Kit? Sage Electronic Engineering contributes the development and debug tools that come with the Gizmo Explorer Kit, including the SmartProbe® JTAG comprehensive interface and the Sage EDK graphical development environment.
  • Do I Need to Purchase an Extended License for the Development Tools? No, you don’t. You can use the Gizmo board with any tools of your choice – or none at all. But if you find the Sage EDK and SmartProbe® useful to your development and you want ongoing access beyond the initial complimentary time, get a one-year noncommercial license for only $299. A commercial license normally sells for thousands of dollars. GizmoSphere developers get the same access at a huge discount.
  • How Do I Access the 30-Day Sage EDK License? Go to the Sage EDK page at Sage Electronic Engineering’s website. Scroll down and click on Free Trial.

Ordering Gizmo

  • How Do I Get a Gizmo Explorer Kit? You can order your Gizmo Explorer Kit through one of our trusted partners.
  • I Just Want the Gizmo Board. Where Can I Buy One? You can purchase the standalone board through our partner, SemiconductorStore.