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Embedded hardware design engineer learning direction

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There are several directions for the hardware, the signal is divided into simple and analog digital simulation is more difficult, generally require a very long accumulation of experience, just a resistance or capacitance value of the precision is not enough to make the signal deviation. So young people engage in less, with the development of technology, the emergence of digital analog circuits, such as mobile phone Modem radio module, using mature chip sets, and then only two companies have this technology, self-feeling analog Not too strong, not suitable for this.


Embedded hardware design engineer learning direction, The other is the digital part of the general direction can be divided into 51 / ARM microcontroller class, DSP class, FPGA class, FPGA engineers are mostly in the IC design company engaged in IP core front-end validation, this part is not Level, the future is not clear, even to be a front-end IC verification engineer, but also engage in a few years to be competent. DSP hardware interface comparison stereotypes, if not to drive or algorithm to move closer, the future will not be too big. The ARM microcontroller class content is more, the industry occupies a large amount of product, the application of a wide range of people, so a great space for employment, and hardware design reflects the level and level of interface design, which is the senior hardware engineers each PK, Determine the level of the basis of the level. The interface design of the most critical is to look at the timing, rather than a simple connection, such as PXA255 processor I 2C requires 100Kbps speed, if an I2C peripheral devices, up to less than 100kbps with it phase, must Leading to design failure. Such a situation, there are many, such as 51 MCU can LCD in the bus, but why this LCD can not hang on the ARM bus, there are ARM7 bus can be an external Winband SD card controller, but why this controller Then not ARM9 or Xscale processor, these are the problems. Therefore, the interface is not a simple connection, depends on the timing, depending on the parameters. A good hardware engineer should be able to design without reference to the premise of a cost and performance of more excellent products, the existing program, but also the feasibility of cutting the appropriate, but not random to me To an engineer in the program of 5V DC 1.8V DC chip, directly into the LDO, and sometimes will burn a few CPU. A few days ago I also hope that I help them based on the previous PXA255 platform handheld GPS device to do under the program optimization, I asked about the situation, there is the SD card in the map, and the SD card and the MMC controller PXA255 used between the SPI Interface, resulting in very slow to read the map, this situation is a serious design flaws, rather than procedural issues, so I put forward a few recommendations, so they try to update next to say. So want to be a good engineer, you need to grasp the integrity of the system and the understanding of the existing circuit, in other words, give you a set of circuit diagram you can see how much can see, do not understand more than 80% Excellent engineers are far behind. Followed by the ability to debug the circuit and the ability to review plans, but the most basic ability or schematic design PCB mapping, logic design piece. This refers to the hardware design engineer, from the above hardware design engineers can also be separated from ECAD engineers, is a professional painting PCB board engineers, and EMC design engineers to help others solve EMC problems. Hardware engineers and then up is the board-level test engineers, C language is a very good hardware engineer in the circuit board debugging process through their own written test program to verify the hardware functions. And then to the operating system-level based driver developers. In short, a lot of hardware content is very complex, the hardware that will become a master of excel, I often give people to do under the program evaluation, many senior hardware engineers to design things, I often denied a word, so engineers do me This point will also offend some people, but the hardware does have a lot of unknown things, so many senior hardware engineers can not touch the mind. Then the advanced hardware engineers technical skills must have those things which, first of all to master the EDA design aids such as Protel ORCAD PowperPCB Maplux2 ISE, VDHL language, to be able to use these tools to do graphic design drawing board, then That is, the ability to interface design review plans, debugging ability is, if we can go to the overall program design piece, it is basically a senior engineer quickly.


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